Kenosis Loop

by Duff Egan



"According to the Manichaeans, that whole cosmic wheel of the Milky Way - the Zodiac - is a great engine of cosmic salvation. They thought of it as like a water wheel with buckets that catch the water as it revolves. The idea was that this great Manichaean light wheel dipped down into the dark region of the earthly realm, scooped up light that was imprisoned in that darkness and carried it to the upper realm. It was a circulation process. The light was taken and carried up, then emptied into the moon-ship. The moon-ship transported it still higher and emptied in into the sun. So the moon was thought of as a great tanker in which to transport light.

The Manichaean creed and Manichaean ethics were buit into this whole mythological symbolism in a very concrete way: the Manichaean believers thought of themselves as part of that great light wheel, and each individual was a bucket in the great wheel engaged in the process of recovering the lost light..."

-Carl Jung, The Mysterium Lectures.

Cover image and artwork courtesy of Brian Bourassa (aka The Pliability Effect).


released September 20, 2014


all rights reserved



Duff Egan Seattle, Washington

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