Wakan Tanka

by Duff Egan

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Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa Leave it to DE to find the obscure words or phrases for his music.
I'll not spoil your fun...look the album title and track titles up on Wikipedia.

Duff unfolds an intense, stormy, almost violent narrative in "wovoka" (track 1) synonymous with Jack Wilson, the founder of the "Ghost Dance" movement, the title of a previous album by DE. In track 2 the storm subsides somewhat, but remains consistent with the intent of a "Ghost Dance," to ward off the white man from the native American's land. Favorite track: wovoka.


"infinite greatness and infinite smallness are infinitely true, and it is quite possible that we contain whole peoples in our souls, worlds where we can be as infinitely great as we are infinitely small externally -- so great that the history of the redemption of a whole nation or of a whole universe might take place within us."


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released November 23, 2015

Recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered by Duff Egan
Samples used from Quiet Planet
all recordings originated from a DSI Prophet 12

Special thanks to Vince Xarya of Xarya Creative.

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Duff Egan Seattle, Washington

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