Transcript of Retrospective Sentiment vol. 1

by Bzaurie

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In.Visible.Generator An album of huge static soundfields and slow shifting drones. Each track hold its hypnotic mood for a long time so that it guides you to the edge of sleep. In this state you begin to drift in an quiet and isolated place that is also marked by a melancolic feeling. You become observant for more detail.

An wonderful addition to "The Holy Ones" and my favourite "d19" which i still love to listen.
Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa micro-drifting drones that slowly ebb and flow, hum and vibrate. A sense of desolation and emptiness emanates throughout, yet the drones essence is key to turning this sense of desperation to one of calm and possible even bliss. Favorite track: Looking for sticks and leaves in autumn with father.


Having worked with music since his first memories, Music is more than a medium of communication, an art form or entertainment for Bzaurie; for him it is meditation, the only way to still the mind, to focus and let go of the world. Having played many instruments and many styles, Bzaurie has conceptualised the listening to music and sound to bring himself to a higher understanding of this experience.

Inspired by Deathprod, Djozr, Oöphoi, and many more his music differs each release depending on the stages of his life and the factors of which the music gives distance and peace. With this album the melancholy of the past is portrayed and in the process has brought Bzaurie some peace with his past.


released November 1, 2016

produced by Bzaurie
mastered by Duff Egan
photo by Bzaurie
graphic design by Felix
Black Dingo Records 011



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Duff Egan Seattle, Washington

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