Time Loop

by Duff Egan



"This transpersonal commitment reveals a number of other characteristics of the Warrior energy. First, it makes all personal relationships relative, that is, it makes them less central than the transpersonal commitment. Thus the psyche of the man who is adequately accessing the Warrior is organized around his central commitment. This commitment eliminates a great deal of human pettiness. Living in the light of lofty ideals and spiritual realities such as God, democracy, communism, freedom, or any other worthy transpersonal commitment, so alters the focus of a man's life that petty squabbling and personal Ego concerns
no longer matter much.

There is a story about a samurai attached to the household of a great lord. His lord had been murdered by a a man from a rival house, and the samurai was sworn to avenge his lord's death. After tracking the assassin for some time, after great personal sacrifice and hardship, and after braving many dangers, the samurai found the murderer. He drew his sword to kill the man. But in that instant the assassin spit in his face. the samurai stepped back, sheathed his sword, and turned and walked away. Why?

He walked away because he was angry that he'd been spat on. He would have killed the assassin, in that moment, out of his own personal anger, not out of his commitment to the ideal his lord represented. his execution of the man would have been out this Ego and his own feelings, not out of the Warrior within. So in order to be true to his Warrior calling, he had to walk away and let the murderer live.

The Warrior's loyalty, then, and his sense of duty are to something beyond and other than himself and his own concerns. The Hero's loyalty, as we have seen, is really to himself -- to impressing himself with himself and to impressing others. In this connection, too, the man accessing the Warrior is ascetic. He lives a life exactly the opposite of most human lives. He lives not to gratify his personal needs and wishes or his physical appetites but to hone himself into an efficient spiritual machine, trained to bear the unbearable in the service of the transpersonal goal."

-Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette
King Warrior Magician Lover


released October 20, 2017

Produced by Duff Egan
Mastered by Brian Elgin at Sentient Sound Labs
Graphic design by Brian Bourassa and Duff Egan
Photo by Duff Egan
Black Dingo Records 034


all rights reserved



Duff Egan Seattle, Washington

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