The Secret of the Golden Flower

by Duff Egan



"I had learned in the meanwhile that the greatest and most important problems of life are all in a certain sense insoluble. They must be so because they express the necessary polarity inherent in every self-regulating system. They can never be solved, but only outgrown."

- Carl Jung

"The status of the remote observer is not possible in the process of encounter with the unconscious. You can't see it as it really is unless you participate, and then by the bare fact of witnessing the nature of the unconscious you change it and you are drawn into the divine drama that it is an expression of."

- Edward Edinger

"Everything good is costly, and the development of the personality is one of the most costly of all things."

-Carl Jung

NYPrice for the next 4:06 hours.

I'm shelving this project for the indefinite future but not because i'm stopping recording, two new ambient projects/labels are in the works and the artwork i had commissioned for both is nothing short of phenomenal. I'm incredibly inspired and grateful for the synergistic images and the talented and generous artists who created them for me.

This means i'm going dark for a while to refine my approach and to make these upcoming recordings everything that they can be.

Stay tuned, everyone.



released April 11, 2019

recorded/arranged/mixed/mastered by Duff Egan

visual design by Peter Irish


all rights reserved



Duff Egan Seattle, Washington

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