The Darkening Spirit

by Duff Egan



"A key element of a post-rational enchantment is a fluid and metaphorical awareness of soul in the world. The animating factor is not supernatural but deeply natural. The new understanding is that spirit is inherent in nature, and does not have to be put there by forces from above. Spirit does not intervene in the natural order in an artificial way because it is 'always already' there. Thus, the new understanding of an animated universe is neither dualistic nor supernatural, because we experience a depth dimension in nature which was previously hidden from sight. The first stage of enchantment saw it but interpreted it in literal ways, while the second stage of reason denied its existence and did not appreciate the revelatory power of myth.

We are on a journey into a new way of experiencing the world, and while this stage owes a great deal to ancient cosmology, it refuses to identify with the fist stage as it moves toward a vision we can as yet barely comprehend. "

-David Tacey

this record is dedicated to my awesome dog who is about to go. would be 16 in April!! love ya always and forever and we did alright, see ya on the other side.


released October 31, 2018

all sound by Duff
photo and design by Duff


all rights reserved



Duff Egan Seattle, Washington

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