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by Duff Egan

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Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa A Deep and somewhat dark sound from these two "machine-like" drones. Not so dark as to evoke visions of monsters, but rather in the atmospheric sense. Never, however, without a sense of hope. Favorite track: Why Don't You?.


I used to play a lot of a table-game called GURPS. My favorite world-book was titled Reign of Steel and was written by David Pulver. I've spent countless hours of my youth within those pages, imagining what that world would look, sound and feel like.

The synopsis of which involves an awakening of a super computer that then does what you might expect. After the fact, it then creates a number of AI companions and then delegates zones of responsibility to each.

Frequently, my imagination would drift to this world in my daily life and the ruminations provided an interesting break from, and perspective on modernity.

One of the most compelling ideas to me was this concept of the AI called Tranquility, which was an old American mainframe on a moon-base colony. Unlike the other awakened computers, Tranquility achieved it by itself and has none of the ruthless ambitions of the other 12.

For whatever reason, this AI decides to work against the others and actually wants to help humanity overcome the great struggle. Despite these seemingly good intentions it's largely helpless and would need human assistance to realize any progress.

The Earth Orbit Audio System project was largely a conceptual representation of this.

When I hole up in my home-studio, full of machines, electricity and blinking lights and devoid of other contact besides my wonderful dogs, my imagination still wanders into this 'Tranquility' headspace and the 'music' seems to follow.

Cover artwork courtesy of Brian Bourassa.


released October 14, 2014


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Duff Egan Seattle, Washington

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