by Duff Egan

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Liquid Faith
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Liquid Faith Once again Duff Egan creates a musical monument to dreams.
Some ancient mythical anthem. A warm moving sound experience. Magnificently spiritual and beautiful. It fills the soul with light and calms the mind with sound. One of the most underrated artists in the ambient music arena. Just look at the cover. Ancient,bright,powerful and stunning. The gods were happy this day. The day of the Minotaur. Favorite track: Madness of Dionysus.
In.Visible.Generator thumbnail
In.Visible.Generator Can it be, that i follow Duffs music since nearly a year? During this creation phase he show´s the sophisticated ear many, of the nature and magic of drone music. Truely a wonderful time, full of sound. Beautiful harmonizing layer´s, each seperated, but melting to a huge floating structure. Machinal self working sonic sculptures, and soundscapes full of life and intelligent idea´s until mindexpanding and borderbreaking longform´s with breathtaking intensity. Thank you Mr. Egan and keep the way!
Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa Duff ends the year on a roll. Five releases in two months. This last release takes the narrative drone to a new level and I just love it! Midst the harsh machine-like drone there are truly active characters in the play.
All this, and you still can hear subtle sounds that may be coming either from his music, or from your own head. It's Good Stuff! Favorite track: The Decree of King Minos.


This record is about finding my center and encouraging the same in others; but to also remind of the vital importance of your sword and string, whatever, whoever and/or wherever that is.

Thank you to my amazing dog, Lhasa, and to all the generous and kind people who continue to support this BC project.

"What is essential in a work of art is that it should rise far above the realm of personal life and speak from the spirit and heart of the poet as man to the spirit and heart of mankind."

- Carl Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul


released December 18, 2015

sound-design, recording, arrangements, mixing and mastering by Duff Egan
Samples used from Quiet Planet
photo courtesy of Vince Xarya of Xarya Creative
graphic design courtesy of Brian Bourassa
special thanks to Tomas Weiss



all rights reserved


Duff Egan Seattle, Washington

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