Lions Mane

by Duff Egan



I started recording source for Lions Mane the the day after I released Songs for Sophia. The plan was to take a break but it just felt right to turn on the synth again and January weather is great for staying inside and being creative. I also really like my REV2 synth now after initially not really getting along with it.

shortly after beginning the new project, I learned about the upcoming SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON and made a goal to finish something to release prior to this celestial event.

The more I thought about the name, however, the more it seemed kind of ominous and I couldn't help reflect on it being the first full moon of 2019 and how intense life on planet earth is right now.

in my view we're all under psychic siege and, because of the fear surrounding that, we build up ideological defenses and allegiances which we're all certain are immune to social or political engineering and the "other" is being manipulated and causing all the problems we face.

There's a war for our thoughts and it's difficult to know who and what to trust.

it's probably not too much of a stretch of the imagination to predict the upcoming year will be an important one and instead of contributing to this theme of predatory psychic intensity by incorporating something to do with SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON in the theme/title, I decided it was important to approach it from a contrasting intent.

when looking for a cover image, I found this photo I took a while back of the hardcover design on an older version of a famous Jung text. The labyrinth theme worked for me as metaphor of the life experience gained from exploring the depths of Self and how that time spent builds up a "Lion's Mane" of protection and strength.

In a few months I'll be 38 and my body is feeling it, especially after I go for a run and my legs ache. It comes with a bonus though, after long years of hard work I finally have a psychic "Lion's Mane"; and it allows me to look at the future with more courage and resolve than I've been able to alchemize in years prior.

also, I've read a great deal lately and heard personal anecdotes of the positive effects of taking a Lions Mane supplement. Even that it changes the way you can hear and experience music.. I'm with that, excited to try it out.

all tones for Lions Mane originated on the Sequential Circuits REV2

Wishes of good health and happiness to all of you for 2019.


released January 20, 2019

all - Duff


all rights reserved



Duff Egan Seattle, Washington

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