Hymns of the Universe - 2018 edition

by Duff Egan



This is the official BDR Mental Health Awareness record. Go talk to someone.

"It is through love and within love that we must look for the deepening of our deepest self, in the life-giving coming together of humankind. Love is the free and imaginative outpouring of the spirit over all unexplored paths. It links those who love in bonds that unite but do not confound, causing them to discover in their mutual contact an exaltation capable, incomparably more than any arrogance of solitude, of arousing in the heart of the their being all that they possess of uniqueness and creative power."

"...the more I consider the fundamental question of the future of the earth, the more it appears to me that the generative principle of its unification is finally to be sought, not in the sole contemplation of a single Truth or in the sole desire for a single Thing, but in the common attraction exercised by a single Being. For on the one hand, if the synthesis of Spirit is to be brought about in its entirety (and this is the only possible definition of progress) it can be done, in the last resort, through the meeting, center to center, of human units, such as can only be realized in a universal, mutual love. And on the other hand there is a but one possible way in which human elements, innumerably diverse by nature, can love one another: it is by knowing themselves all to be centered upon a single "super center" common to all, to which they can only attain, each at the extreme of himself, through their unity."

"Considered in its deepest origins this human trend toward a state of higher being is as old and universal as the world itself. As far back as we can trace it, and even in its humblest manifestations, the advance of Life, however spurred on by the sheer, hard necessity of continuing to exist, has always been inspired by an expectation of something greater."

Teilhard de Chardin - The Future of Man


released May 21, 2018

produced by Duff Egan
photo by Duff Egan
graphic design by Brian Bourassa
Black Dingo Records 040


all rights reserved



Duff Egan Seattle, Washington

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