Holocene Triptych

by The Northern Divide

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Liquid Faith
Liquid Faith thumbnail
Liquid Faith I must say I am astounded at this album. James Mitcham (the northern divide),Duff Egan and Black Dingo Records have produced some of the finest drone works created. This is one of my favorite. While short in length it's superb in cold drifts,sometimes mechanical waves that will take you to a great ethereal sound experience. An artist at his best. Favorite track: Holocene Maximum.
Brian Bourassa
Brian Bourassa thumbnail
Brian Bourassa A massive glacial movement expressed in three parts that carries you deep into the bowels of this primordial phenomena.

These deep, low freq. drones, lull you to a quiet place while the crackling sounds of time and ice awaken you to the reality of an ancient creation taking place in real time.
In.Visible.Generator thumbnail
In.Visible.Generator A piece that need some interaction. First listening offers nothing than cold arctic flows. But with each new session it shows a contrast that is out of usual music terms. This sound is based on the listeners desire for outstanding soundexcursions. After this one i am hungry for "Saltwater".
B.Morgan thumbnail
B.Morgan After a long day of having your attention and yr mind splintered into a thousand pieces, Duff Egan's gift puts my mind at ease. I love soundscapes and I find them very relaxing. Favorite track: Late Pleistocene.


With BDR 009 it is a pleasure to welcome The Northern Divide and the geological growls of Holocene Triptych.

These recordings take the drone and ambient elements of previous releases to an expanded thematic listen that creates echoes of unfathomable scales of time and the power of mother Earth.




Around 11,000 years ago- the end of the Ice Age

as seen on wikipedia:

The Pleistocene often colloquially referred to as the Ice Age) is the geological epoch which lasted from about 2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago, spanning the world's most recent period of repeated glaciations. The end of the Pleistocene corresponds with the end of the last glacial period and also with the end of the Paleolithic age used in archaeology.

The Holocene also encompasses the growth and impacts of the human species worldwide, including all its written history, development of major civilizations, and overall significant transition toward urban living in the present. Human impacts on modern-era Earth and its ecosystems may be considered of global significance for future evolution of living species, including approximately synchronous lithospheric evidence, or more recently atmospheric evidence of human impacts.

Given these, a new term, Anthropocene, is specifically proposed and used informally only for the very latest part of modern history involving significant human impact.


released October 25, 2016

produced by The Northern Divide
mastered by Duff Egan
graphic design by Brian Bourassa
Black Dingo Records 009



all rights reserved


Duff Egan Seattle, Washington

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