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Liquid Faith
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Liquid Faith Bernard Reeb is one of the best artists on the Black Dingo label.
To describe his music is to invoke a mystical collaboration between new school drone and old school electronic sequencing. They're just fun and enjoyable. If you like both worlds you'll love this stuff. Musical Mind Melding at it's best. Favorite track: tori.
James Mitcham
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James Mitcham Bernard Reeb's expertly crafted tones are not the usual distant reverb drowned soundscapes, they are somehow RIGHT THERE, inside of the brain. From the first second of Aleatori there is an unmistakable feeling of immediate, urgent presence and form that shifts and dances to the rhythms of the inner workings of the mind. An undeniable milestone in the genre, absolutely essential for any collection. Favorite track: alea.
Richard Gürtler
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Richard Gürtler Devastatingly monochromatic, yet multi-dimensional magmatic desolations drifting into nebulously gargantuan immenseness, where persistently amalgamated with permeating transcendental meridians, peculiarly glimpsing dissonances, obsessively tempestuous vortexes, gossamer cybernetic ephemerons and dissolving yearning quietudes. A truly mind-blowing odyssey!!!
Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa A fascinating, refreshing and eclectic soundscape - buzzing with energy and oozing from the muffled depths of subliminal memory.

Can't wait for the BDR and Bandcamp community to lay ears on it!


It is an incredible honor to have this new release by Bernard Reeb, aka espaces sonores, on Black Dingo Records. Aleatori is a self-described milestone in his musical life and is one example of his connection to sound.

As a composer for classical guitar, Bernard has written scorebooks for publishers in France and in Canada. As an experimenter, he's been asked to play at the the national opera of Nice (France) where he performed a concerto by Ligeti with electronic instruments.

He's also won awards for his work in a science-fiction short-film, as a sound-designer and composer.

And of course as a new-age and space-ambient artist on Bandcamp previously under the name espaces sonores.

These recordings, "aleatori" are a new beginning, created from random design processes and deep personal meditations on the meaning of sound; and its effects of the soul of the listener.

Bernard describes this as the interaction of sounddesign (the microcosm) and the songdesign (the macrocosm).

Enjoy !

"Instantly lights up the imagination with an engagement of swarming hive activity along with the sense of a micro textural alien birthing chamber seething new life.
Could easily have been at home on the classic Throne-Storm-Swarm Of Drones releases on Asphodel."

-Steve Roach

"A fascinating, refreshing and eclectic soundscape - buzzing with energy and oozing from the muffled depths of subliminal memory. Can't wait for the BDR and Bandcamp community to lay ears on it!"

-Brian Bourassa

"Bernard makes it feel like travelling on a light ray. Or like informations and signals that was send through the endless void of space. Sometimes there are coded and compressed into a noisy datastream but sometimes they unfold fragments of messages and sounds. Until it passed again along a gravity heavy object and becomes deformed and desintegrated into the cryptic background noise of the void. Bernard paints a narrative picture of travelling signals through space, sprinkled with unexpected soundphenomenas and a discreet touch of berlin school"

-Danny Rarek

"A truly mind-blowing odyssey!!!"

-Richard Gürtler


released November 19, 2016

produced by Bernard Reeb
mastered by Duff Egan
photo by Bernard Reeb
graphic design by Bernard Reeb and Brian Bourassa
Black Dingo Records 012



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Duff Egan Seattle, Washington

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