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Liquid Faith
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Liquid Faith This was a gift sent to me by Duff Egan (Black Dingo Records). I have to admit it' blew me away.
A complete fusion of old school space music with new school industrial ambiance. 2 long tracks that Take you into subspace then moves you into powerful mournful keys then back into even moodier space, ending in an almost static beat like rhythm. I would highly suggest this to anyone into "space music".I'd like to hear more from this artist! Favorite track: xxx4567.
Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa Love the deep sound on this track, like some heavy industrial hum that is accompanies by stormy electronica.

Track 2 begins with a mystery pinging, one that is self-evolving & moves eclectically into extreme deep spaces before being replaced by a rhythmic tinkering of electronics. An added tension is introduced with some deep beating before jettisoning off into space. A grandiose place emerges before entering a calm where we float peacefully before entering a mysterious tinkering zone.
Alexander K
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Alexander K I've been here on Bandcamp for a long time and I never felt to comment things, but this is so gorgeous, a master piece, really.
Awesome! Favorite track: 123xxxx.


Bernard Reeb, aka espaces sonores, is one of the most passionate and inspiring artists I've ever known. Here in his second BDR release, that fire and attention to narrative shines through with an enormously detailed and complex exploration of analog synthesis.

Almost the entire record is composed of recordings from a Waldorf Pulse 2 synthesizer. It was once mentioned to him that one cannot make ambient music with a monophonic instrument and, as demonstrated here, it's entirely about the creator and his or her imagination, not any sort of limitation of the equipment used.

The quote from Aristotle on the cover image translates to:

"The elements must not only be placed in a certain order but also have a duration which is not the result of chance"

There are many carefully constructed narratives within these recordings and each listen provides more opportunities for discovery and meaning. A stellar follow-up to his not to be missed BDR debut, Aleatori.



released March 18, 2017

Produced by Bernard Reeb
mastered by Brian Elgin at Sentient Sound Labs
graphic design by Bernard Reeb and Brian Bourassa
Black Dingo Records 022



all rights reserved


Duff Egan Seattle, Washington

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