4 Kings

by Duff Egan



What a thing is man! Among all wonders
The wonder of the world is man himself.
Yea, wondrous is man's Sagacity:
Through this he climbeth on high
Through this also he falleth.
In the confidence of his power he stumbleth;
In the stubbornness of his will he goeth down.


Therefore when a man is burdened with sorrow, when
he falls ill, when he dies, none of those around him can
say with certainty whether his being is thereby diminished
or increased. For under exactly the same appearances
the two opposite principles draw to themselves their faithful,
leading them either to simplicity or to multiplicity: the two
principles which are God and Nothingness.


Nothing has changed the nature of man so much as the loss
of silence. The invention of printing, technics, compulsory
education -- nothing has so altered man as this lack of
relationship to silence, this fact that silence is no longer taken
for granted, as something as natural as the sky above or the
air we breath. Man who has lost silence has not merely lost
one human quality, but his whole structure has been changed

- Max Picard

As he awakens to a sense of "universal unification" a wave of
new life penetrates to the fiber and marrow of the least of his
undertaking, the least of his desires. Everything glows, expands,
is impregnated with an essential savor of the Absolute. Even
more, everything is animated with a flow of Presence and of Love
-- the spirit which, emanating from the supreme pole of
personification, fosters and nourishes the mutual affinity of individualities in process of convergence.

- Chardin


released September 18, 2018

photo courtesy of DF
cover design by Duff


all rights reserved



Duff Egan Seattle, Washington

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